Quick Overview

Date of birth : 20/01/1990
University: London School of Economics and Political Science
Degree: LLM in Corporate and Commercial law
Nationality: Lithuanian (EU)

Key skills

  • Leadership and Responsibility: On numerous occasions I have been elected to represent my peers, for example as a high school parliament member or a 3rd year Law School Student Representative. As a very responsible person, I undertake and perform each task with due diligence, attention and promptness.
  • Teamwork skills: The experience of being on a number of societies’ committees has allowed me to enhance my teamwork and consensus-building skills. Working side-by-side with the fellow committee members has showed that a team is capable of producing a much greater creative result than separate individuals.
  • Time management skills: During my education at music school, I managed to develop an excellent sense of discipline and enhanced my time management skills, which are now helpful in my university life. I always meet deadlines and despite a busy schedule and heavy workload I still manage to find time for active participation in societies and a part-time job.
  • Commercial awareness: Having worked on commercial law cases, I have learned how important the awareness of business concerns is. The commercial awareness workshops have taught me how to maintain and apply this skill to my daily work. The understanding of clients’ industries shows a lawyer’s respectfulness and attracts clients to cooperate with a particular law firm.

Spoken Languages

  • Russian - native
  • Lithuanian - fluent
  • English - fluent
  • German - beginner


photography, dancing, singing, travelling, learning languages and reading classic literature


London School of Economics and Political Science,
United Kingdom

LLM in Corporate and Commercial law; overall obtained result Merit

Performance in Financial Law module ranked at the top of the class.
Performance in Banking Law module ranked in the top 10% of the class.

The University of Manchester, United Kingdom

LLB (Hons); overall obtained result (high) 2:1

Southampton Solent University, United Kingdom

Foundation year in Law; overall obtained result (high) 2:1

Zhaliakalnio Gimnazija, Lithuania

Top honours equivalent to summa cum laude

A. Rubliovo vidurine mokykla, Lithuania

10/10 in all modules

J.Kachinsko music school, Lithuania

Choreography and piano class
10/10 in all modules - Top honours equivalent to summa cum laude

Positions of Responsibility

LSE School of Law
LLM Committee Pro Bono Representative


As an elected LLM Committee Pro Bono Representative my responsibilities included organizing pro bono activities for students. I faced the absence of any available pro bono projects for LLM students and was therefore working on establishing a number of projects simultaneously. Through weekly newsletters I regularly informed students about volunteering and pro bono opportunities in London. I initiated the plans for and actively participated in a bake sale and organised a charity raffle to raise money for 'Save the Children UK'.

University Of Manchester Law School Board
Student Representative


As an elected Student Representative I was responsible for representing my fellow students’ interests to the law school board. My duties included submitting complaints or applications on behalf of the students as well as helping the administration in making changes that would improve students’ University experience.

Legal Advice Centre Society


I got involved in establishing the LAC Society in 2010 and worked towards registering the society, getting funding and recruiting people to become involved in it. The society, with a membership of over 150 students, has now been registered; a sponsorship has been generously provided by Clifford Chance. As the society President I was also responsible for coordinating the entire activity of the society. I have organised a social event that gave students an opportunity to meet solicitors and find out about the importance of pro bono work.

Mooting Society
Internal Organiser


A successful performance at the internal and external mooting competitions has allowed me to be selected as a part of the committee. The primary goal of the committee is to show that Mooting is a challenging and inspiring experience that develops research, public speaking and consensus- building skills. As the main-moot organiser my responsibilities lay in finding the problem questions, booking the venues, arranging sign-ups and most importantly promoting the internal University competitions to make students interested in participation.

Manchester Modal United Nations Society


As the Secretary, I was primarily responsible for establishing close ties and enhancing the cooperation of the society with the Student Union. I was also in charge of organising the social events in order to create a friendly and supporting atmosphere to make the time spent together much more enjoyable and lively for the members. The position taught me to be a responsible, communicative person and improved the interpersonal abilities, as well as enabled to represent the University of Manchester Model UN society in international conferences LIMUN and OxiMUN.

University of Manchester Mentoring Scheme
Student Mentor


As a student mentor my duties included helping first year law students in dealing with any law school challenges. As an international student I felt the importance of sharing my experience and knowledge with new students in order to make their student life easier, more interesting and enjoyable. The responsibilities of a mentor included dealing with all kinds of questions regarding education, student life or extracurricular activity.

Zhaliakalnio gimnazija
High School Parliament Member

2006 - 2008

As an elected high school parliament member I was responsible for representing my classmates' interests to the school authorities. My duties included submitting the complaints or applications of the students and asserting their rights to expressing independent opinion, even if it contradicted a teacher's point of view. The experience of defending people's interests granted me an opportunity to improve the ability of a tolerant and tactful approach to superior bodies and pupils.

Zhaliakalnio gimnazija
Member of the school Lecture Group

2005 - 2008

Comprised of providing talks to pupils in the classes of around 40 people on political and historical State topics. This experience enhanced my research, presentation and public speaking skills as well as ability to draw pupils’ attention to the speech.

Work Experience

Goldman Sachs

20 April 2015 - Present

Analyst - Client Onboarding

2 June 2014 - 17 April 2015

Seconded to an investment bank. Ensured efficient client onboarding. Carried out due diligence on clients.

Business Development

31 March 2014 - 16 May 2014

As a part of my responsibilites at CANDDi, I continuously identified how businesses can benefit from utilising their software. I then conveyed this to, whilst building rapport with, potential customers via telephone. My in-depth product knowledge allowed me to think on my feet during pitches, especially with regards to comparing CANDDi's solution to competitors' products or offerings. I continuously met my daily, weekly and monthly client engagement targets.

Liaison Officer

3 September 2013 - 12 May 2014

I acted as the liaison officer for a rapidly growing start-up based in Manchester. My responsibilities primarily included management of the scheduling for the team, dealing with media and public relations enquiries as well as liaising with clients, strategic partners and prospective investors. The managing director of the parent company was looking for someone who would go above and beyond the call of duty and thus my responsibilities were not limited to the core job description of a "liaison officer". No day was alike and thus my duties varied significantly, but typically they also included preliminary legal advice, assistance in negotiations along with introductions to law firms.

Svietlanos Baracevicienes Law Firm
Legal Assistant

1 September 2011 - 27 May 2014

I worked primarily with English law, advising corporate clients on their international transactions, along with drafting contracts, powers of attorney and other relevant documents. By sharing the Attorney’s workload, I vastly benefited from gaining experience in a wide range of areas and learned from observing an experienced lawyer in action. I have worked on the sale and supply of goods, construction, cession and other contracts for international transactions. The work was a constant challenge, encouraging me to demonstrate my initiative, ability to work under acute pressure, to meet tough deadlines and apply commercial acumen. I was constantly involved in work with corporate clients, and absolutely enjoyed working towards achieving their business targets.

Matter Inception Administrator

5 February 2014- 13 March 2014

A temporary position in the Manchester office of a leading international law firm. My responsibilities included conducting conflict checks and opening matters using Axxia and Elite systems. I also produced and prepared initial acknowledgement letters for the relevant parties. The experience of acting as a matter inception administrator further enhanced my attention to detail, time management and data entry skills. Working for a large global law firm has allowed me to get involved in a busy office environment and demonstrate my strong work ethic.

Ektagon Platforms Limited
Legal Intern

18 July 2012 - 21 March 2014

As a legal intern for Ektagon Platforms Limited I am reviewing and amending agreements that are then submitted to the company's lawyers for approval. I am also researching and advising the company on the most effective market entry strategies for the UK as the company is looking to launch a number of projects for the UK market. I work closely with the decision- makers, which allows me to analyse why certain business decisions are taken in various circumstances.

Nabarro LLP
Vacation Scheme Student

15th July 2013- 2nd August 2013

During my vacation placement I sat in the Corporate department. The majority of clients I have done work for were AIM listed companies. I carried out tasks that are typically assigned to trainees. Along with essential research, attending board and annual general meetings, I reviewed contracts, articles of association, board minutes and then drafted advice letters to clients stating my findings. I also drafted engagement letters, letters to the Companies House, resignation letters and board minutes. My assignments also included filling in stock transfer, termination of appointment of directors and return of allotment of shares forms. Throughout my vacation scheme I was able to utilise the knowledge obtained during the LLM degree, as well as apply commercial acumen.

University Of Manchester Law School
Open-day Assistant

8th October 2011

I answered prospective students’ questions about my experience as a law school student at the University of Manchester. I did my best to encourage prospective students to apply to the University of Manchester by giving them and their parents an idea of what a law student’s life is like. I found my good communication skills and ability to work with different age groups extremely helpful in completing these tasks.

University of Manchester
Student Ambassador

13th - 19th September 2010;
16th December 2010;

As the student ambassador I was responsible for meeting new university students arriving from the airport, taking them to the student accommodations’ registration desk and helping to get to their halls of residence. I was also dealing with different types of enquiries regarding the campus location, opening a bank account, buying books and helping them find out about extramural activities. The work, in groups of two to four people, has taught me to apply flexibility and responsiveness whilst providing the understanding that the sum is much greater than separate parts.

On a later date, I guided a tour around the campus for the professors of Russian University visiting Manchester. This work enhanced my public speaking abilities, helped me become more involved in the University social aspects and show the new students and visiting professors what the student life at the University of Manchester was like.

Vidos Daugirdienes Bailiff’s Office
2 week internship

16th August 2010 -
27th August 2010

This was a two-week long internship in a private bailiff’s office. During this time I became familiar with the specifics of bailiff’s work as well as the duties and services they provide. I had an opportunity to get acquainted with the procedural documents and actions, whilst being able to observe and assist the negotiations between parties. I had access to the cases and consequently analyzed the process of compulsory court enforcement orders such as property arrest, property sale by auction and bank accounts arrest. The work undertaken was a constant intellectual challenge that helped to develop my analytical thinking and prompt decision-making skills. I was expected to exercise my personal judgement as well as show that I could work hard to thrive and genuinely contribute to the prosperity of the firm I was working for.

Prokuros Centras Law Firm
4 week internship

28th June 2010 -
23rd July 2010

This was a four-week long internship at the law firm. I assisted the lawyer in drafting documents, conducting research, managing diaries, preparing court bundles, carrying out the basic administration and accompanied to the courts. I got the opportunity to work in compliance with the Lithuanian codes and consequently compare the civil and common law systems in operation. I was mostly asked to work individually and therefore had an opportunity to show my personal energy and drive. I was involved in multi-disciplinary work and thus managed to get a versatile and broad understanding of the civil law principles. Every task assigned was exhilarating and I worked tirelessly to perform my duties to the best of my ability. Upon the completion of my internship I was offered a part-time job at the firm.

The Legal Advice Centre and
East Manchester Legal Advice Centre
Student Advisor

2009 - 2012

The centres provide pro bono legal advice services to low-income people. Responsibilities of the Student Advisor include conducting the interview, shadowing the case, researching and providing an advice letter to the client. It has significantly enhanced my client-facing skills and provided a wide range of legal experience. In addition, it has generated invaluable practice in cooperating with qualified lawyers, gave an insight into the legal profession and the operation of legal system on a day-to-day basis. The experience of working with real cases demonstrated how legal theory is put into practice and enhanced my analytical and problem-solving skills. Contributing to the community makes a real difference and is extremely important for society. The position also entailed working in a team every day, which has taught me to be communicative, tolerant and responsible as the work efficiency completion depended on the various parties being able to work well as one team.

Interests and Activities

LSE Mediation team membership. I was provided with training that improved my negotiation skills, whilst also giving me practical experience through mock mediation sessions. In the modern corporate world, court proceedings have become largely obsolete, whereas more parties choose to use mediation or arbitration to resolve disputes; therefore I believe that negotiation skills are of great importance to the solicitors.

Mooting society was a significant supplement to my legal studies. It helped deepen my research, advocacy and persuasion skills, together with an actual understanding of law and broadened my confidence in public speaking along with developing instantaneous and lateral thinking.

Street Law Society. Pro Bono work is an essential part of a solicitor’s career and I clearly see the importance of contributing to projects that help disadvantaged people. Street Law Society presentations were aimed to explain young people what their rights are and how they can be enforced. Participation in the Society enhanced the research and public speaking skills and made me realise the importance of helping disadvantaged communities.

Model UN Society. It was a challenging and inspiring experience. Preparation for and participation in the simulated conferences developed debating and research skills. The leadership and consensus building abilities developed, are essential and have proven to be extremely beneficial for my studies, especially in ADR case studies. Furthermore the knowledge and analysis of global politics enhances the erudition and versatile interests.

Volunteering. I have volunteered with:

  • Trees for Cities, by planting trees in the most deprived areas of Manchester;
  • Children Today, by participation in the Charity Fashion Show and Bag Packing event;
  • North West Legal Support Trust, by fundraising and gathering a team to participate in the Legal Walk.


In this globally-connected world, you can contact me via any of the following methods:

Email: liza - a t - busygina - d o t - com



  • 2013- Performance in Financial Law Exam ranked at the top of the class
  • 2013- Performance in Banking Law Exam ranked in the top 10% of the class
  • 2008- School graduation diploma with top honours equivalent to summa cum laude
  • 2007- The winner of the city youth, beauty and talent competition ("Miss Snegurochka")
  • 2007- The winner of the Country's Russian language competition ("Russkiy Medvezhonok")
  • 2007- The winner of the school essay contest
  • 2005- Music school graduation diploma with top honours equivalent to summa cum laude
  • 2005- as a part of the chorus, the winner of the international chorus festival in St. Petersburg, Russia
  • 2003- The winner of the school history competition.
  • 2002- Second place as a solo singer in the city song contest.
  • 2001 -Second place in the school mathematics competition.


  • Commercial awareness programme certificate
  • Westlaw student training tutorial certificate
  • Westlaw training tutorial certificate
  • LexisNexis Library Online Research Certificate
  • Peer mentor certificate
  • OxiMun 2010 certificate of representing Belgium in UNHRC
  • LIMUN 2010 certificate of representing Niger in WHO
  • LIMUN 2011 certificate of representing Netherlands in UNODC
  • Legal advice centre Certificate
  • Mahout and elephant training course in Bang Kud elephant camp

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